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Consumer culture and expectations continue to shift by leaps and bounds almost every few years, driven by a global middle class explosion, economic power shifts, health & wellness and mobility, just to name a few. These and other consumer mega-trends are reshaping the Food industry from the bottom-up and the top-down, proving that the next twenty years will reshape this industry many times over. This reshaping will continue to challenge both the physical and virtual demand/supply networks across the food chain and will shift the economics of what has historically defined ‘success’ in the industry. Furthermore, massive structural change has been underway for some time now in the Food and Beverage industry, driven by private label manufacturers, discounters, and consolidators. It now requires a world-class value and supply chain competency that’s strategic, agile and responsive, delivering results quickly and with incredible determination.
So, despite Food and Beverage manufacturers accelerating cost-cutting efforts, most will fall short and become prey to activist investors. An apparent improving economy will not be enough, so the time for accelerating integrated business outcomes is more important now than ever. This requires new strategic investments in product development, quality, marketing, sales, and pricing, all driven by market analytics that will allow the company to align itself to the money. And the opportunity will be enormous for those that focus and get it right! Venetia Partners has helped Food and Beverage companies establish best-in-class demand/supply and distribution networks by designing and deploying integrated business execution processes enabled by operating “playbooks” and the “right” technologies that are practically aligned to the company’s markets.

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